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Own that cross …

It was a loud day! There was no peace and calmness in the city. It was all like someone stirring a big pot. 

People who shouted hosanna hosanna hosanna last Sunday for this Jesus, started to shout kill him- kill him. Crucify him. 

Crucify 😳?? What ?? Are you guys serious ?? 

Looks like “yes” they want see Jesus being crucified on the cursed tree!! 

The same Jesus who healed the sick- gave hope to the lost – conferred value to the disposed – loved those who were supposed to be hated is now being mocked and beaten.

He even raised some from dead. He never hated anyone. He was the perfect Human that Anyone could ever dreamt of any. The authority in his words and the clarity in his actions- the darkness piercing words of life are a real thing that gave me taste of perfect human ought to be. 


But when He had finished what the human needs to know and taste to re-enter into the never ending relationship with God – he gave himself as a sacrifice. 

He himself laid his life down. None can take it.
HE himself willingly chose to die. 
HE lived knowing HE would be killed. 
He lived to die. He came to die. 
He came to die for me. 

So that you can live with him forever. 

Oh wait!! Me? I’m okay. I don’t need anyone to die for me. 

In Adams fall, we sinned all, we fall short of


Yes. Something doesn’t sit with me right always. I don’t know what itis.a void. A Gush. A dissatisfaction. A falling short of who I were created to be.

The Bible says : we all fall short of Gods glory. Not one. Every one.

Oh so I’m not a lone. 

Wait a minute. 

Why? For what!?

Ask a friend or one who knows and experienced. 

He was beaten. 

They thought they caught Jesus. Little did they know that he gave himself in. 

They thought they are mocking him.  little did they know that king himself stretched out his body to be beaten. 

They thought they are treating him what he deserves. little did they know that he took what they deserve. 

Two hands He stretched out to call us back into His arms. But we …. pulled out his hands and nailed them to the poles. 

You didn’t resist, oh Jesus!!

He breathed out his last words saying “ it is finished”

Yes he finished everything you ever need and want in your life. 

You want someone to rewire your actions to the purest beginning. 

Jesus said – come to me I will give rest. I will give you new life- a new start. 

A start that has peace surpassing all understanding. 

A start that has no end. 

A start that you were created for. 

Oh wait !!! Alas! I don’t have what it takes to rectify /erase/pay off what I have done. Woe to me. 

Jesus said – I KNOW. 😊I paid it all. I took your punishment. I took your iniquities. I took your pain. I took your agony. I took your sickness. I took your failures. I took your rebellious acts. 

But…. 😥😨😨none of my actions are right.im sinful. I am not who I showed off to be.

Jesus said – I took you upon me. And wash all your sins with my blood. My blood is shed for you, I got you covered so that you will know that love you. My righteousness which you can never attain is imparted on you by grace.

I can’t understand this. But now I can be out open with you that I have fallen short of your expectations. Im sinner. I don’t deserve to be with you. But I want to be with you. Because your words are truth. And I see you died on the cross for me so that I don’t have to die but have eternal life. I can’t think of this love logic sacrifice the reality and hope and majestic desire to live with you.

I own that cross now. It was supposed to be me on that rugged cross. But you took my place. I own that cross. 

My sin nailed you up on the cross. Your love has brought me life through the cross. 

Your love has brought me to you. Your love has led me through you.

I don’t deserve it. But you want me. 

I can’t handle it. But you strengthen me. 

I own that cross. Help me to know you more  

I in you Jesus as You in me. As you made a way for me to you, I must made a way for you come into my life. I own that cross. 

You in me Jesus and I in you,  

I own that cross. 

I own that cross. That’s mine,

That’s mine


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