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The Night After Vs The Night Before..

Mary Magdalene was delivered from seven demons and started to follow Jesus as she found her meaning and purpose in Christ alone. Christ changed her life. She found her life in Christ because He is the creator of the Life. She kept following Him as He is her hope and life. words cannot describe her pain to see Her hope hanging onto the cross. Now where else can she go? whom-else can she trust? what else can she do now? because the life giver is in the tomb now.

My dear friend, You might have had many nights ( at-least one night ) that was hard to sleep in as your dreams were destroyed, hopes were lost, everything you built was collapsed. It could be by you messing up or because of the fallen world- someone messed your day. But I have a real news for you.

If you allow, and prepare yourself, Jesus can turn the same – scary, tough, failed, messed up, broken hearten night – into “the night before” supernatural miracle day.

May be you are in one of such scary nights/seasons – as you are not sure if you can stand up again in your life or build your muscle again or ever have a meaningful life.

I have had many ” night after”s – But the same Jesus has turned those as “night before”s. Today I can share many of my stories as ” the night before …..Jesus did this…”

“Night after” lifestyle brings fear, loss and destroys your power to bounce back. But “Night before” ignites to hope, trust and focus again for the work of God in your life.

someone must stand or something must happen for the shift to happen in your faith. And Jesus is ever ready to stand and to move things in your life as you allow and pray.

Jesus can turn your ” the Night After” to ” the Night Before”.


wow. This gave me so much courage because a night after crucifixion. a death to the savior, a death to the dreams, a death to your hopes, an end to the career…. can become a night before the resurrection of the same dreams, hopes, career and the purpose.

Resurrection stand between and turns my nights of hopelessness to nights of life and Power.

Lets follow the thoughts of Mary Magdalene for today. you can also find the all the scriptures at the end of the articles.

1. the night after …crucifixion

My heart was torn apart to see Jesus being mocked, beaten, whipped, ripped, and crucified on that rugged cross.

What a tough night. !! these nights are tougher and I am not sure if I will make it Oh my Teacher. teacher of my life. where else can I learn now? Everywhere i see I see you Jesus…

Three years ago…

people called me with names. Some say demons possessed me. Their names called the “outer me” – as they don’t know me inside. They can only call their view of me and my actions. But I am not who I show myself to be.

People might have had easy access to me but they’re easy forgotten. except this one man.. named, Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth…

this man showed me what a real man ought to do to any woman.

this Man( people called him God’s own son, God incarnated) but came to me and did give no notice to my outer appearance and physical appearance. but found that i need freedom from entanglements.

I am not who you can see with your eyes. You have to know “me deeper” to see me.

You can only see me right with your eyes when you can see me “deep inside” first.

the real me can be seen outside when you can see me inside with your real you.

to see real me it costs you. it costs your time, emotions and your energy. I have never met anyone who can do that to know me.

But this Man, Jesus came to me and saw me.

He saw me deep. he saw me past my physical appearance. he saw me past my emotional me. he saw me past mind. and he saw me deep into my soul. I thought he would hate me.

because I know how ugly my inner me is. I have learnt well to smile outside. I have mastered the skill of changing my emotions seamlessly.

but i dont have time to clean up inside stuff of my heart and soul. To be honest, i dont know how to do that. and I have never met anyone to help me.

But this man, as he was looking into my sprirt ND saw all my iniquities/pain/seriousness of the hurting soul. instead of hating or distancing himself, he came and spoke to me.

I thought he spoke to my ears. but noo. he spoke to the inner me. only few were able to do that so far. but everyone who did speak to my inner me betrayed me.. so was bruised and broken inside. no one knows though 😛 i told you i mastered well managing my pain deep inside.

Jesus delivered me from seven evil spirits but never called me evil. He called me by my name – Mary. \just Mary.

I dont understand why people give me titles or tags to my name.But Jesus called me MARY. I was expecting some other tag or a new name to be given. But He called me by my name. and He freed me from all my iniquities. He set me free.

showed me a way to live and live with a family. a group of woman and men called the body of Christ who always follow christ and support his journey.

And Now to watch my Jesus, who gave me a new life on this earth – beaten and thrown every where – devastated me, numbed my thoughts and soul. Crushed my heart.

today is the sabbath. the only sabbath that was so hard for me to keep it holy as i am not supposed to do anything.

to not doing anything.

How can I not do anything when my hope is in the tomb? But Jesus, you want me to rest and keep the sabbath right. I will do that. I will rest in you today.

Your miracle begins by trusting in Him and following what he commanded you before.



2. The night before… Resurrection

come and visit this space for the powerful revelation : the Jesus himself showed up to me first. So many things were broken and set. A history made..forever and ever..

How do you prepare for this miracle?  please wait…


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